Newly Qualified General Practitioner Fellowships in General Practice in Haringey, London

Calling All Doctors:   Newly Qualified General Practitioner Fellowships in General Practice in Haringey

What is a NQ-GP Fellowship?

A Newly Qualified General Practitioner Fellowship (NQ-GPF) provides a unique (and paid) opportunity to undergo mentoring and participate in Quality Improvement alongside clinical practice for a fixed term of one year.

Each NQ-GPF post will comprise:

  • 4 Clinical sessions or more of direct patient contact in a Haringey Practice
  • 2 protected and remunerated for fellowship activity

The fellowship activity will include weekly joint tutorials and mentoring with other fellows facilitated by a senior practice partner and another weekly Quality Improvement session to work within the federation on a range of projects.

Who is the NQF for and what are the benefits?

Fellowships provide an opportunity for Newly Qualified GPs (within the last 2 years) to become part of Haringey’s forward thinking GP federation, which is a collaboration of 37 practices, and sample the diverse culture and demographics that Haringey has to offer.

Benefits include:

  • Coupling salaried work with the facilitation of career development through mentoring and supporting quality improvement.
  • Allocated Mentor from a Haringey Practice to support development
  • Working in a Haringey practice or practices that support teaching and training
  • Attending a weekly facilitated session with 4 other newly qualified GP and a trainer
  • Links to other practices who are part of the scheme
  • Further clinical extended hours hub sessions
  • Quality Improvement (QI) training and a base to run projects in QI linking up with the local CHIN (care closer to home integrated networks), Voluntary Sector, Public Health and Health & Wellbeing partnership

Who pays the salary of the NQF?

The GP practice will be responsible to pay the NQ-GPF salary for the sessions they work at the practice. The Federation will fund two sessions (£9000 per session per annum for a fixed term of one year) to allow each NQ-GPF to be released for weekly group tutorial based mentorship and a quality improvement project.

Practices will commit to support the newly qualified GP for one year. Continuing employment beyond this one year scheme will be at the discretion of the practice.

When will the fellowship start?

The NQ-GPF programme will start from October 2018 and run for 1 year. The host practice will provide an induction.

I would like to apply for the scheme?

Interviews will be held on 17th September 2018.

If you want to apply for a NQ-GPF or would like more information, please apply by email or call Dr Mei Mei Till on T: 020 8888 1736

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