Newly Qualified GP

Are you due to finish your GP training before the end of September? MCG Healthcare have been supporting newly qualified GPs for the last 4+ years in finding their first role in Primary Care.

Many GPs reach out to us as they are not sure how to approach the early days of working in Primary Care. Some GPs will take a post in a GP practice where they trained, as it is what they know and it is a comfortable transition. Other GPs want to explore other opportunities, a chance to try a different environment to see which type of practice suits them.

MCG Healthcare are here each step of the way, we place permanent GPs across all corners of England, Scotland and Wales. We are here for advice and to find opportunities that best suit your professional and personal circumstances.

Don't take the first steps alone, reach out to us and we will discuss a plan that works for you! - 07743 192261

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