Locum GP - Urgent Care

System: Emis

£95p/hr Weekday 
£97p/hr Weekend 
£120p/hr BH 

Session details: 

This will be an Urgent Care Service with a twist. The appointments are designed to stop people going to A&E for primary care appointments.  
GP practices will be able to refer in 25 slots per day, ED have 25 slots per day, and there will be 50 self-presenting patients per day. It will get a point the service should be able to see near enough every patient that is presented. 

Once the 50 slots are full from the ED and GP practices side, they will be told that is it for the day and they must see the pt themselves if it is urgent. 

Appointments will be a mixture of telephone triage and F2F – 34/35/36pts per session not yet confirmed. 
If the pt wants to be seen, they must be triaged online first. 

First half of the session may be tele/video triage (10 min appts) and second half F2F will then be 15 mins.

You will be on site with 2 ANP or a Paramedic every day (all 3 clinicians are doing an 8am-8pm) 

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