4 Month Locum Post - Grimsby


Currently looking for a locum to cover a practice as a full-time locum for around 4 months. You will be required to work 5 days a week (or however many you can). A standard day consists of 2 clinics and admin, no visits needed apart from the 1 day a week in which they will need you to complete an on call. Each clinic consists of 17 patients, the admin will be generated from your own surgeries and you will not be given generic practice admin.


When: 1st May – 31st August

Where: DN34 Grimsby

Duties: 2 x 17 patient clinics, self gen admin, ideally 1 on call per week

Times: Clinic times are suited to your own personal needs (what Applocum do best)

Weekly Pay: £3000 per week, when working 5 days per week.

Overall Pay: in access of £50,000 for 4 months.


If you are interested in this post or know someone who is please contact me on 0161 507 2712

This is a brilliant post for someone looking to relocate, the odds on this becoming ongoing is very likely.

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