RCGP Tamar Vice Council Representative

The role of the Vice Faculty Council representative is to work alongside the Faculty Council Representative to be the active link between local and national decision-making, shaping the College`s policy/strategic direction. The role forms part of the core Faculty Executive Team alongside the Chair, Vice Chair, Honorary Treasurer and Provost.

Accountable to:

The Faculty Executive Team.

Term of office:

Three years, with the option to stand for further terms. The role could be aligned to an existing Faculty Officer role, with associated term length, e.g., Faculty Chair.

Appointment Criteria:

Member or Fellow of RCGP, in good standing.

Election Arrangements:

By appointment (if one candidate) or election by local ballot of a quorate Faculty Board (if more than one candidate). Annual confirmation of appointment at Faculty`s AGM.

Overall Purpose:

To be the voice of the Faculty at Council level, representing the views and feedback from the faculty on policy issues and acting as the proxy for the Faculty in national policy decision-making.

Responsibilities of all Faculty Officers and Faculty Board members:

  • To uphold the aims, objectives, and values of RCGP, acting in its best interests and enhancing its reputation as a respected professional and academic body for GPs.
  • To represent the interests of members and fellows within the faculty attending all meetings of the Faculty Board. Non-attendance of >2 Faculty board meetings in any one year, should trigger a faculty review on the capacity of the person to fulfil its role as Faculty Board member.
  • To contribute proactively to the faculty’s annual strategic planning and proposed activity delivery through the Faculty Honorary Treasurer and Faculty Executive Team, supported and guided by the Faculty Administrator and REM.
  • To abide by relevant codes of conduct, the declaration of interests’ policy and other RCGP protocols. According to the RCGP`s declaration of interests’ policy, all faculty members are encouraged to declare their interests publicly on the Who pays this doctor website.

Main Responsibilities of the Faculty Council Representative

  • To act as an advocate and ambassador for consensus Faculty views, representing local opinions on key professional and policy issues at Council and reporting decisions back to Faculty Board members.
  • To play an active role in the democratic processes of Council by voting in all elections.
  • To represent the Faculty fully by attending all four annual meetings of Council and the RCGP Annual General Meeting. If unable to attend a Council meeting, appropriate deputy representation should be organised. Non-attendance of >2 Council meetings in any one year, should trigger a Faculty review on the capacity of the person to fulfil its role as Faculty Board representative.
  • To share relevant Council documents and papers with members of the Faculty Board appropriately, mindful of data and organisational security and intellectual property.
  • To be familiar with Council papers in advance of Faculty Board meetings and facilitate open and proactive discussion amongst Faculty Board members.
  • To undertake appropriate induction and training provided for Council reps and follow relevant Council processes and regulations.

How to apply

Please contact Alice Sefton for more information and on how to apply for the position.

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