PPI Scientific Foundation Board (SFB) Member

The Scientific Foundation Board (SFB) was established in 1976 as a charitable funding body of the College. The SFB awards grants for research projects whose findings will be of direct relevance to the care of patients in the general practice setting.


Members of the SFB include academic GPs and primary care scientists and are appointed by existing membership of the Board, and ratified by the RCGP council. Members selected in this manner may serve up to two three-year terms of office. 


In addition, the board will include at least one member of the RCGP Patient Partnership Group (PPG), a representative of the Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) and the Medical Director or Clinical Lead of the RCGP.


Baseline time commitment


Review of annual grant applications of up to £30,000 between August and September and attendance at the annual SFB meeting (usually November).


Ad-hoc review of grant applications as directed by the SFB Chair, throughout the year.




Standard tenure is three years.




Travel and other related expenses for attendance at the SFB annual meeting.


Responsibilities and selection


The SFB selects successful grant holders through assessment of applications against set criteria.


The responsibilities as a member of the SFB are:


  • To assess the submitted applications using pre-defined criteria on annual basis.
  • To contribute to awarding grants up to £30,000 annually through attending the grant awards committee each Autumn.
  • To contribute to awarding grants up to £2,000 throughout the year through assessing applications on an ad hoc basis.
  • To support the review of research grant applications for research that the RCGP may participate in or endorse.
  • To read materials circulated by the RCGP administrators and provide comments via email if appropriate.
  • To promote the SFB through relevant communication channels.


PPI SFB members are selected against the following criteria:


  • Experience of contributing the PPI perspective to research projects. 
  • Experience of being a PPI member in a team applying for external research project funding. 
  • Experience of refereeing applications for research project funding, for example bursary, grant or other award schemes to support primary care research. 
  • Understanding of current NHS Primary Care Research and Development structures. 


How to apply


Please apply by submitting your application (by email only) to scientific.foundationboard@rcgp.org.uk


  • A short CV
  • The names of two referees
  • A covering letter, maximum 1 side of A4, highlighting your suitability for the role. In particular we would like to know:


    • Your reasons for applying.
    • Any previous experience on grant awarding bodies.
    • Your own research experience.
    • How you meet the selection criteria above.


Deadline for application: Ongoing

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