GP - Introduction to Cornwall

Are you a GP thinking about relocating to Cornwall or planning a summer holiday in the West Country?  Why not come to Cornwall and experience working in one of our practices before you make the move?  We are re-launching our popular introduction to Cornwall scheme from Easter this year. 

This scheme offers the chance for GPs to benefit from a contribution towards their holiday accommodation cost in return for a minimum of 4 paid sessions at practices across Cornwall. In Summer 2019, 14 sessions were worked as part of this scheme by locum GPs from as far away as Canada, supporting practices in Cornwall to cover their vacant shifts.

We can offer you:

  • Contribution towards the cost of your holiday
  • Opportunity to work in one or more practices before you decide to relocate
  • Additional opportunities to meet with other practices while you visit us
  • Additional Locum shifts should you decide to extend your stay
  • Relocation package of up to £10,000 for some practice vacancies, should you decide to move
  • Job matching through Cornwall Training Hub to connect you with Practices if you decide to move

Cornwall has a patient population of 550,000, rising to over 1 million in summer, which operates under one Integrated Care Service to deliver services to a diverse range of healthcare needs. Across Cornwall there are 58 practices, many of which are Training Practices making up 15 Primary Care Networks and 3 Integrated Care Areas.  Our practices have utilised the ARRS roles, providing a range of multi-disciplinary support ranging from pharmacists, paramedics, nurse practitioners, to social prescribers and care coordinators. Support and opportunities are also provided by the CCG, LMC and local Training Hub. 

We have a range of salaried GP, GP Partner and Locum roles, so why not take advantage of combining working in one of our Practices whilst you're on holiday? 

Visit our website to find out more about the scheme, or view our vacancies to see the range of opportunities we offer. 

For more information or to register your interest in the scheme, please contact

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