Faculty Honorary Secretary

The role of Honorary Secretary forms part of the core Faculty Executive Team alongside the Chair, Vice Chair, Honorary Treasurer, Provost, Education Lead and Scottish/Welsh and/or UK Council representative.

Accountable to
The Faculty Executive Team with reference to The Hon Secretary of Council as and when required.

Term of office
Three-year term of office.

Appointment Criteria
Member or Fellow of the local RCGP Faculty in good standing.

Election Arrangements
By appointment (if one candidate) or election by local ballot of a quorate Faculty Board (if more than one candidate). Annual confirmation of appointment at Faculty`s AGM.

Overall Purpose
To give professional leadership on matters of Faculty governance and adherence to RCGP policies. With the support of the Council Hon Secretary, to oversee the operation of Faculty governance in accordance with the Charter, Ordinances, by-laws and formal reporting requirements (formal member declarations of interest, probity declarations etc.).

Responsibilities of all Faculty Officers and Faculty Board members

  • To uphold the aims, objectives and values of RCGP, acting in its best interests and enhancing its reputation as a respected professional and academic body for GPs.
  • To represent the interests of members and fellows within the Faculty attending all meetings of the Faculty Board. Non-attendance of >2 Faculty board meetings in any one year, should trigger a faculty review on the capacity of the person to fulfil its role as Faculty Board member.
  • To contribute proactively to the Faculty’s annual strategic planning and proposed activity delivery through the Faculty Honorary Treasurer and Faculty Executive Team, supported and guided by the Faculty support team.
  • To abide by relevant codes of conduct, the declaration of interests policy and other RCGP protocols including health and safety, safeguarding, equality and diversity, information security and GDPR.. According to the RCGP`s declaration of interests policy, all faculty members are encouraged to declare their interests publicly.

Main Responsibilities of the Faculty Honorary Secretary

  • In conjunction with the Faculty Chair, to ensure effective governance arrangements for meetings of the Board and executive (if applicable),
  • To advise and offer support where needed to the Faculty Chair, supporting other Officers and members as deemed appropriate or necessary.
  • To deputise for the Faculty Chair in the absence of the Vice Chair.
  • In conjunction with the Chair and Provost, to have oversight and ensure the effective governance, probity and transparency of all local Faculty elections and appointments, ensuring a fair, inclusive and transparent process.
  • With reference to the Faculty support team Faculty Chair be responsible for guidance and any review of on RCGP governance and Faculty byelaws
  • To ensure Faculty adherence to RCGP frameworks, guidance and requirements (e.g RCGP sponsorship policy) and open, fair and transparent Faculty operation.
  • To lead on local Faculty member issues, complaints, whistleblowing and code of conduct issues referring onward to and briefing the Council Honorary Secretary appropriately when required.
  • In liaison with relevant RCGP departments, to support leadership and oversight to enable coordinated Faculty responses to external consultation requests.
  • To be an approved signatory for the Faculty and responsible for Faculty correspondence.
  • In consultation with the Faculty Chair and appropriate colleagues, including staff support, to contribute actively to Faculty meeting agenda-setting and to deliver an annual report on Faculty activity at each AGM.

Skills required for the Faculty Honorary Secretary role
RCGP is committed to equal opportunities and welcomes applications from all members with the following attributes:

  • Demonstrate understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion and be willing to embed it proactively.
  • To contribute proactively to the Faculty’s annual strategic planning and proposed activity delivery
  • Be able to maintain objectivity in advising the RCGP faculty, RCGP members and peers
  • Willing to collaborate and engage others within the RCGP Faculty and nationally across the Faculty and RCGP network
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a desire to contribute to positive changes within the RCGP Faculty
  • Reliable and willing to commit time to attend local and national meetings

To apply, please email Alice.

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