Regina, Canada – Enjoy a large family home with great income!


Regina is the capital of the Province of Saskatchewan and has an area population of 240,000 residents. Compared to the rest of Canada the cost of living is low, yet the income can be significantly more than other cities in Canada. The people have a history of strong family values and are always ready to help a neighbour.  The economy is growing quickly in numerous areas. For example, the Innovation Place Research Park near the University of Regina hosts several science and technology companies. There are 4,700 private sector businesses in the city.

The Clinic:

The clinic where you could practice is one of the oldest and most well known in the city, historically opening 365 days of the year, where physician schedules permit.

This exceptional clinic has the largest urgent care treatment in the city with urgent care supplies totalling over 200 items. There is an Xray facility on the premises.

Like most clinics in Canada, compensation is on a fee-for-service basis. This means your earnings are dependent upon how many patients you see. In this clinic, management encourages physicians to practice medicine in a way they are comfortable providing treatment to patients.

Some physicians see 25 patients a day while others see 50 patients a day. You practice at your preferred pace. Your schedule will be flexible. You might choose to work one weekend day and take a weekday off. Some physicians choose to work only three or four days with longer hours an option. Management will accommodate family needs when developing a schedule.

Nearby are a pharmacy, blood lab, physiotherapist, chiropractor, dentist, and specialists in pediatrics, orthopedic surgery, radiology and internal medicine.

Minimum admin. No home visits. Hospital privileges recommended.

The clinic is owned by a very well-respected general practitioner, formerly from the UK, who will ensure a smooth transition for you into Canadian practice.

Regina is a great place to raise a family. You will be able to live in a private home on a large piece of land very quickly after arriving.


Mandatory Requirement: MRCGP, MICGP, RACGP, ACRRM, DABFM or CCFP


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