Tamar Faculty Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion

The Tamar Faculty is recruiting an EDI champion to the board.

Main responsibilities of Faculty EDI champion
a) To represent the interests of members and fellows within the Faculty attending all meetings of the Faculty Board.
b) Be an advisory voice in the RCGP faculty board on issues with Equality, Diversity and inclusion.
c) Be involved in actively promoting engagement and involvement of BAME college members with their local RCGP Faculty
d) To actively promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion awareness within the RCGP Faculty
e) To raise awareness of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues experienced by members of the Royal College of GPs.
f) To participate in other Faculty activities according to own interests and skills and the Faculty`s needs
g) Engage and work closely with the RCGP EDI Committee
h) Willingness to uphold the aims, objectives and values of the RCGP. acting in its best interests and enhancing its reputation as a respected professional and academic body for GPs

Skills required for the Faculty EDI champion:

RCGP is committed to equal opportunities and welcomes applications from all members with the following attributes:

• Demonstrate understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion and be willing to embed it proactively.
• To contribute proactively to the Faculty’s annual strategic planning and proposed activity delivery
• Be able to maintain objectivity in advising the RCGP faculty, RCGP members and peers
• Willing to collaborate and engage others within the RCGP Faculty and nationally across the Faculty and RCGP network
• Desire to contribute to positive changes within the RCGP Faculty
• Reliable and willing to commit time to attend local meetings

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