Faculty Climate and Sustainability Lead

The Faculty Cliamate and Sustainability Lead would be a member of the Tamar Facutly Board.  The Board meet 4 times a year online.

Main responsibilities of Faculty Sustainability and Climate change role:

a) To provide leadership on sustainability and escalate action at local, regional, and national level that can mitigate and adapt to Climate Change.
b) To work with the RCGP’s national representative for Sustainability, Climate Change and Green Issues, and the network of other Faculty Climate and Sustainability Leads.
c) To support the Faculty to disseminate national and RCGP initiatives relating to climate and planetary health.
d) To promote and help develop the college’s climate emergency delivery plan and ensure the college’s response at regional and national level is a regular agenda item at Faculty meetings.
e) To promote and support the development and use of the RCGPs Green Impact for Health Toolkit and award scheme. This could include collecting and examples of good practice locally and nationally.
f) To promote awareness of, and engagement with, the Greener Practice website as a central resource for ideas and inspiration for positive change in General Practice
g) To liaise closely with fellow Faculty Climate and Sustainability Leads to coordinate ideas, action and initiatives which help address the response to the climate crisis and its health consequences.
h) Be an active member of the RCGP Climate Emergency Advisory Group supporting the delivery of RCGP’s Climate Emergency plan.
i) Engage with and support members and medical students interested in planetary health.


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