One Day Essentials | Dermatology

One Day Essentials is a series of one day online conferences – broadcast live - providing expert specialist clinical training and essential information. These conferences are recorded live and the sessions will be available for delegates to access freely for six months from the webinar date.  

Join us on Tuesday 9 March 2021 for a one day interactive online conference led by experts in the field. You’ll learn practical tips to help you improve practice and patient outcomes.

This year's conference focuses on improving dermatological practice. Rather than covering a series of individual diagnoses, this year we are covering broader areas including over-the-counter therapies, legality of patient image use, as well as specific clinic presentations including blistering eruptions, acneiform rashes and rashes in the neonatal period. We will also discuss how to approach drug rashes in primary care. Building on the overwhelming positive feedback from last year's ODE and this year's Essentials Webinar Series, we will keep the information relevant to general practice, relevant to current practice and delivered in an engaging and informative way by expert speakers who have both specialist knowledge and experience of primary care or of teaching for primary care. Dr Ahmed Kazmi returns as our chair and moderator. 

Presentations will address the viability of remote consultations and provide guidance on how to best diagnose and treat patients in a socially distanced world. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve awareness of over-the-counter topical preparations available for dermatological problems and achieve greater confidence in how to counsel patients regarding their use
  • Gain a systematic approach to blistering in a patient and feel more confident in the diagnosis and management of common blistering disorders
  • Gain greater proficiency at taking good quality images for teledermatology purposes, being able to counsel patients on how to take good quality photographs, be aware of the current clinical governance and guidelines surrounding storage and sharing of patient photos including posting on online forums
  • Gain an overview of the important neonatal rashes and feel confident in diagnosing and managing these
  • Gain a systematic approach to aceniform and follicular dermatoses and feel more confident in the diagnosis and management of these conditions
  • Feel confident identifying a drug rash and treating it, as well as recognising when secondary care referral is indicated, how to go about identifying culprit drugs and be aware of what tests are available for supporting a drug allergy diagnosis

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