One Day Essential | Neurology

Patients presenting with neurological symptoms are likely to provoke some anxieties in our minds. This is because their symptoms are mostly vague and we are generally unable to make a proper risk assessment within the 10 minutes consultation. Also most patients fear the worst and are usually expecting further tests and to be referred on for further treatment.

To be fair, with the advances in technology and our better understanding of the complex patho-physiology at play, increasing number of neurological conditions are now successfully been treated and sometimes cured. This is extremely good news for the unfortunate patients who are born with or acquired such conditions but it puts us GPs and the NHS under great strain. Now more than ever it is essential that we are able to identify these conditions early and manage them effectively including signposting patients to the appropriate expert in a timely fashion and with increasingly limited resources.

The programme will be deisgned with all this in mind, to help addressing most of your learning needs in neurology. Our aim is for you to enjoy the day and to leave with numerous practical solutions, increased knowledge, and greater awareness, which you can start using straight away in your everyday clinical practice.

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