Streamlined CEGPR process and an easier route to return to NHS general practice’

16 Mar 2020

16 Mar 2020

The RCGP and the GMC have introduced streamlined CEGPR processes for GPs who qualified in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. This is a result of an in-depth mapping study of the curricula undertaken by the University of Exeter. The study concluded that the health care context, training and assessments in those countries are close to those in the UK. The eligibility criteria for each streamlined process can be found on our website.

The new processes reduce the amount of evidence required by up to 50% and cuts the application time from up to nine months to around three months. It also allows for direct entry into an induction placement in the NHS. This makes coming to work in the UK much quicker and easier than before.

There are dedicated team members at the GMC and RCGP to support and guide applicants through the process.  As the application process has moved from paper-based to electronic, it is now possible to use your GMC online account as an electronic portfolio so you can upload evidence as you gather it.

In England, there are incentives via NHS England’s International GP Recruitment Programme which provides help with costs.

More information is on the RCGP website or you can contact If you are unsure of the route to take to enter the GP Register, you may wish to use our interactive pathfinder to assist you.

Returning to NHS general practice

For UK trained GPs who have been working abroad in similar healthcare contexts, there is also an easier way to return. The Portfolio Route is an option to enter the Induction and Refresher scheme without the need to take the entry assessments. This pathway involves presenting a portfolio of evidence to support experience gained since leaving the UK and NHS general practice and can be done from abroad. Successful applicants complete a one month induction placement before re-entry to the National Performers List and independent practice in the UK.

If you are thinking of moving to the UK to work as a GP, visit our online Guide for Overseas Doctors, a hub of all the information needed to help make the journey as easy as possible.