Looking for a different, more interesting role within General Practice?

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31 Jul 2019

31 Jul 2019 • by Med-Co

Considering a change of pace and patient profile?

Explore a new career path as a Locum Civilian Medical Practitioner with the Ministry of Defence

With ever increasing workloads and the looming threat of Practice closures, taking a sideways step into alternative General Practice allows you to take a break from the NHS and experience life as a Civilian Medical Practitioner.

Whether you’re interested in UK or overseas assignments, MOD bases across the globe offer comfortable working conditions, a relaxed atmosphere and more time per patient. 

Dr Turley regularly undertakes locum work on military bases. We asked him about his experience working at Dhekelia Station in Cyprus:

I’m here covering the gap following one military doc leaving and their replacement arriving. I am one of a team of 5 doctors (including one registrar) looking after the medical centre and its satellite practice of Ayios Nikolaos. We cover GP clinics Monday to Friday and out of hours and ambulance services 24 hours a day. There are nurses and medics on hand too, so you are never on your own. 

When you are duty doctor, you cover the local ambulance service (with the help of 2 medics).

As such you can be called out to anything and everything. I have been called to house fires and

road accidents, broken ankles to broken hips,

drowning to snake bites. You are also the local

forensic medical examiner, so I have been called to examine dead bodies and take blood from

intoxicated drivers. If you haven’t worked in A&E or pre-hospital care for a while, you definitely want to

brush up on your trauma skills before coming here.

This is a job you cannot do anywhere else in the world. It will test the limits of your clinical skills. It will be hard, especially when you are giving CPR to someone in a field in 40 degree heat in summer, but you will love every minute of it.

Explore Military CMP work if you are looking to avoid the ever increasing workload in NHS General Practice, treat a different patient demographic presenting a wider range of cases and seeking the flexibility of short to long term assignments.

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